Our Simple Process

1. Receive an Estimate

We inspect your property and provide you a no-obligation estimate of its value.

2. Choose a Charity

We guide you through the process of choosing a tax-exempt charity that can use your materials.

3. Deconstruct Property

We will provide a list of recommended deconstruction contractors and walk you through the process of deconstruction.

4. Receive tax savings

We send you our final appraisal with the signed IRS Form 8283 to be forwarded to your accountant for inclusion in your tax return.

What is Deconstruction?

Deconstruction is the process of carefully and selectively disassembling a building to salvage its components for reuse and recycling.

Whereas traditional demolition is highly mechanized, capital-intensive, and waste-generating; deconstruction is labor intensive, low-tech, and environmentally sound. Deconstruction transforms a quick-and-dirty chore into an undertaking that supports community development with environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Benefits of Deconstruction:

  • Go Green, gain LEED points
  • Save on Taxes
  • Help Those in Need
  • Create Jobs in Your Community

We can help salvage and repurpose the used building materials from your project.  When you donate salvaged deconstruction materials to a qualified 501(c)3 charity, the donation may entitle the donor to a substantial tax deduction. Additionally, even the fees associated with the deconstruction may be tax deductible.
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  • 2500+


  • $275M

    Value of donated materials

  • $86M

    In Net Benefit to property owners

  • Millions of Tons of material diverted from landfills

Master Appraiser Patrick M. Smith

Mr. Patrick M. Smith SR, ISA AM, MSA, MPPA, CAGA founded his appraisal firm in late 2004.  In 2009, realizing there was a vastly underserved market for appraisers with the experience and credentials to appraise used building materials from deconstructed homes, Mr. Smith transitioned his company from a residential and commercial real estate appraisal firm to one solely focused upon non-cash charitable donations of used building materials from deconstructed homes. Highly credentialed and with his varied real estate appraisal background/education, Mr. Smith was easily able to grow his new firm, Green Donation Consultants (GDC) into one of the Premier non-cash charitable donation consulting firms in the nation today.

GDC with eight (8) credentialed, certified personal property appraisers now operates in 14 states.  GDC is working diligently to expand that footprint to help more of our fellow Americans realize the economic, environmental and philanthropic benefits of deconstruction.