Our Simple Process

1. Receive a FREE Estimate

Our Project Engineers will inspect your property and provide a no-obligation estimate of its value.

2. Choose a Charity

Our specialists will help you choose a tax-exempt charity that will use your materials or donated items.

3. Deconstruct Property

We’ll work with you step-by-step to find the right deconstruction contractor for your project.

4. Receive tax savings

We’ll send an IRS-qualified appraisal with the signed IRS Form 8283 to be included in your tax return.

Deconstruct - Don’t Demolish!

With deconstruction, materials are carefully and selectively disassembled so that the components can be salvaged for reuse and recycling by qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Even the fees associated with deconstruction may be tax deductible.


GDC’s mission is about so much more than the extra dollars you’ll see on your tax return or the LEED points you could earn for your company. Home deconstruction projects give jobs to local individuals who struggle to find employment and often lead to high-paying construction positions through education-based training. Instead of building materials clogging landfills and adding to our planet’s growing climate concerns, those components are redirected to non-profit organizations that are able to use them to rebuild the lives of people in need.

  • 2500+


  • $275M

    Value of donated materials

  • $86M

    In Net Benefit to property owners

  • Millions of Tons of material diverted from landfills

Example of the Tax Benefits from a Real Deconstruction Project

These figures assume an approximately 24% effective Federal Tax Rate and a 6% effective State Tax Rate for a total of approximately 30% in Federal and State taxes paid yearly.