About Our Company

Green Donation Consultants is a family-owned and operated company that got its start in 2005 as a real estate appraisal business. Founded by Patrick M. Smith SR, ISA AM, MSA, MPPA, CAGA, it wasn’t long before Green Donation Consultants quickly outgrew its roots and bloomed into more than just an appraisal company. Mr. Smith’s extensive background and education in the appraisal field and his passionate support of charitable organizations led him to rebrand the company in 2017 as a full-service consulting agency that has overseen the deconstruction of more than 2,500 properties and the donation of over $275 million worth of materials.

GDC employs four certified and designated personal property appraisers, ten administrative professionals, and 20 support personnel, making it the largest privately-owned charitable donation consulting firm in the United States. When you work with Green Donation Consultants, you’re working with the best appraisers in the business – our Chief Operating Officer has earned a Master’s Degree in Construction Management, our Chief Executive Officer is a CPA who simultaneously runs her own tax firm, and our team of researchers and appraisers work to achieve and hold the highest designations and qualifications available in our industry. The recent addition of a commercial division focusing on large-scale development projects has led to life-changing donations to hundreds of non-profit organizations across the country, including several city public schools who have utilized donated materials to improve conditions for students and teachers. We are changing how the world views construction, one donation at a time.