About Our Company

Green Donation Consultants began as a simple appraisal firm.  Mayur Dankhara, COO, created a Green Mission encompassing not just appraisals but dynamic partnerships with nonprofits, developers, city officials, builders and multiple other key partners in diverting personal property and materials from the waste-stream and into the hands of those in need.  He brought in Jessica I. Marschall, CEO/CFO, as his partner in the Mission.  Jessica brought 18 years of CPA experience and a MS in accounting to ensure legal and ethical compliance with all IRS codifications and applicable case law.  Dankhara, who has a MS in Construction Management has 10 years of experience in both construction and deconstruction.  Together, they envision the company providing integrated partnerships with donors and nonprofits across the nation ensuring even the smallest organizations are able to receive critical donations.  Our move from an appraisal firm to a full-service consultancy has proven our ability to streamline the process of donors to donees ensuring maximum donations escape the landfill and help those most in need.  Dankhara and Marschall will ensure donors and their tax professionals have confidence in the fair, conservative and accurate appraisals produced triggering increased donations to nonprofits rather than demolition crews dumping to the landfills.

Green Donation Consultants employs certified and designated personal property appraisers, ten administrative professionals, and 10 support personnel, making it the largest privately-owned charitable donation consulting firm in the United States. When you work with Green Donation Consultants, you’re working with the best appraisers in the business – our Chief Operating Officer has earned a Master’s Degree in Construction Management, our Chief Executive Officer is a CPA who simultaneously runs her own tax firm, and our team of researchers and appraisers work to achieve and hold the highest designations and qualifications available in our industry. The recent addition of a commercial division focusing on large-scale development projects has led to life-changing donations to hundreds of non-profit organizations across the country, including several city public schools who have utilized donated materials to improve conditions for students and teachers. We are changing how the world views construction, one donation at a time.