Deconstruction for Architecture Firms

Architects: The Benefits of Working with Green Donation Consultants

Looking to offer more options in the green design space? Deconstruction, the process of selective disassembly of an existing building, allows you to leverage existing property value while offering clients an environmentally friendly value-added service.

When renovating an existing property or clearing an old property in preparation for new construction, many traditional architecture firms see the current building materials, fixtures, and other elements as junk to be cleared, incurring costs for haul-away and disposal. What if you could create value from that old material while offering clients a green alternative to traditional demo methods and earn additional LEED points?

Deconstruction is the disassembly of the existing structure and its contents which are then donated to a 501(c)3 charity for recycling, refurbishment, or repurposing. The act of donation creates a tax deduction for your client based upon the fair market value of the items donated. Additionally, the costs associated with the deconstruction process may also be a tax deductible event.  This process allows you to not only tap into the existing value in the structure, but also comply with regulations tied to more stringent environmental requirements.

Green Donation Consultants is a nationally recognized leader in the building deconstruction industry.  Because IRS regulations require proper documentation of donated materials valued at more than $5,000, we provide an IRS-compliant packet so your client is able to claim the full fair market value of the donation as well as gain LEED points.  We have completed thousands of these deconstructions since 2010 in over 14 states.  No other firm has the depth or level of experience we have in front of the IRS for this specific type of donation.

Working with Green Donation Consultants creates these benefits for you and your clients:

  • Potential Tax Savings

    Because we are fully credentialed, Green Donation Consultants’ expert appraisers can determine and support the fair market value to maximize the value of your clients’ donation thereby increasing their tax deductions. By recommending the deconstruction process and introducing your clients to the tax savings they can accrue with this process, you’re adding value to your own services while adding to their bottom line as well as providing additional LEED points for their project.

  • Less Worry for an IRS Audit

    We’ve completed literally thousands of deconstruction appraisals since 2010 and have had very few audited by the IRS. Due to our expertise and experience in front of the IRS, CPAs and tax attorneys choose our appraisers as expert witnesses for their clients who initially choose less qualified and experienced groups to assist with their deconstruction projects. In each case, we were able to help their clients pick up the pieces. We are quite literally the last word in materials-based appraisals for charitable donations in the United States.

  • Deconstruction vs. Demolition Costs

    Because it is more labor-intensive than demolition, deconstruction merits a higher price. This is offset however, by the substantial tax savings generated by the donation of the deconstructed materials. As always, your clients should consult with their tax professional prior to making a decision for or against deconstruction. We are available to speak with and are happy to answer any questions their tax professional has regarding the process or benefits.

  • Nationwide Service

    We offer fully-credentialed deconstruction and charitable donation appraisals in all 50 states. We also complete all the necessary IRS forms for your client to receive these tax benefits. Our full service process is available no matter where your next project is located.

  • Free Estimates for Your Customers

    We offer free, no-obligation estimates of the potential donation value so your customers can compare the benefits of deconstruction vs demolition. Working with Green Donation Consultants turns the dead liability demolition into a substantial benefit for both you and your clients.

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