Top 3 Benefits of Deconstruction

Benefits of Deconstruction

Top 3 Benefits of Deconstruction

When most people think about tearing down a home, they typically think about demolition. That is the complete leveling of a home using large construction equipment. It isn’t often that they think about deconstruction, a much more eco-friendly alternative. Green Donation Consultants is one of the only organizations that provides deconstruction with a benefit to the environment and society as a whole. Their business model is built around there being a multitude of benefits surrounding deconstruction. Below are just a few of the many benefits of deconstruction compared to demolition.

1) Deconstruction Is Better for the Environment

Waste and where to put it is a huge problem. When a home is demolished, there is a lot of garbage that gets put in landfills, further exacerbating the existing issue. When a house is deconstructed, many materials can be salvaged. Doors, pipes, fixtures, wood, and much more can be taken and re-used in other capacities. Green Donation Consultants helps homeowners get rid of the unwanted structure through deconstruction while lessening waste that gets thrown into the local trash. They donate those re-usable materials to non-profits who then use them to benefit the less fortunate.

2) Deconstruction Is Better for Society

When you are demolishing a home, the objective is simple: tear it down and remove the waste. However, Green Donation Consultants has a different idea. What if that home can be used as a training tool? Their workers use the deconstruction method to learn about construction. By learning how to un-build a home, they inherently learn how to build one as well. With educating low-skilled workers, Green Donation Consultants helps provide roads out of poverty and crime, and into a life of contributing to society positively.

3) Receive a Charitable Tax Deduction

Taxes are always something on people’s minds, especially when they are looking for ways to donate and deduct a charitable contribution. When you donate the building materials from your deconstructed home, you will receive a charitable tax deduction based on the appraisal of your property. That can help lessen your tax burden, and give you the peace of mind that you have contributed to an organization that does a lot of positive things for the environment and community.

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