The Future of Commercial Development is Deconstruction

Large-scale projects benefit from large-scale savings. Replacing your demolition plan with a deconstruction plan is the number one way to reduce project cost and environmental waste. Not only will moving forward with deconstruction qualify you for LEED points, but you’ll be ensuring that salvaged building materials are given a second life and delivered into the hands of individuals that need them most. What’s great for people is also great for business – with more and more developers trending toward green practices, your next big development project could be the deconstruction experience you need to land your company future bids.

Green Donation Consultants provides coordination and assistance every step of the way through the deconstruction process. Not only will we find the right non-profit for your development project and provide the IRS-qualified appraisal needed to secure your tax benefits, but we provide free inspections that are crucial to outlining the ideal deconstruction timeline. Schedule yours today!