Why Deconstruction is Always Better than Demolition

Why Deconstruction is always better than Demolition

Demolition Deconstruction
demolition debris ends up in landfills reusable building material ends up as a donation to a participating non-profit organization
Outright cost or out-of-pocket cost tax deductible cost when performed by a non-profit with a workforce development program which we can provide or help identify
No LEED Points or credits you will be credited with 5-10 LEED Points
pay to have materials disposed of gain a tax deduction for all materials donated
pay a for-profit company to perform the work create new jobs in your community by utilizing or paying a non-profit to deconstruct your property
dump reusable materials in an overfilled landfill ensure the materials are reused, resold, recycled, repurposed

Deconstruction vs Demolition

                                                                              Deconstruction Firm                        Demolition

Leveling of 2,098 sq ft home                                           $35,000                                   $15,000

Disposal of wreckage                                                       $0                                             $3,600

Total Costs                                                                         $35,000                                   $18,600

Value of Donated Materials                                              $171,300                                   $0

Actual Cash Benefit from donated materials*                 $68,520                                    $0

Net benefit to owner*                                                       $33,520                                   -$18,600

*Assuming 40% tax bracket between Federal and State taxes. Net benefit to owner is the Actual Cash Benefit minus the cost of deconstruction.

Green Donation Consultants can assist in your deconstruction project from start to finish. From our initial valuation of your donation to providing the tax paperwork to claim the tax deduction, we will assist in every step in-between so this is a seamless process for you. As mentioned, we will first provide an initial valuation range of your donation so you can evaluate how much of a tax deduction you will receive. We then coordinate the deconstruction and delivery of the materials to a non-profit organization. Finally, we provide the appraisal and tax forms necessary to claim the deduction, and if needed the CPA’s to assist in filing. The process is usually very quick and with our help, no hassle for you and your builder. Call to schedule your free inspection today!