Why Deconstruction is Always Better than Demolition

Why Deconstruction is always better than Demolition

Demolition Deconstruction
demolition debris ends up in landfills reusable building material ends up as a donation to a participating non-profit organization
Outright cost or out-of-pocket cost tax deductible cost when performed by a non-profit with a workforce development program which we can provide or help identify
No LEED Points or credits you will be credited with 5-10 LEED Points
pay to have materials disposed of gain a tax deduction for all materials donated
pay a for-profit company to perform the work create new jobs in your community by utilizing or paying a non-profit to deconstruct your property
dump reusable materials in an overfilled landfill ensure the materials are reused, resold, recycled, repurposed

If these reasons don’t convince you, judge for yourself – call today to discuss your potential project and learn about the substantial financial and environmental impact your donation could make to the community and your wallet.