The Benefits of Deconstructing Your Home

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen in your current home or looking to completely tear down an existing property to build your dream house, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the costly demolition process and the guilt of wasted materials. Instead of spending money to demolish perfectly good materials that will just end up clogging a landfill and add to our world’s growing climate concerns, deconstruct your property and receive a financial return on your donation. Deconstruction is the process of disassembling a structure in such a way that it preserves the materials for later reuse.

While the tax savings associated with deconstruction are often considered the greatest incentive, the true benefit is the investment you’ll be making into your community by choosing to deconstruct. We work on residential and commercial deconstruction projects large and small, resulting in millions of tons of materials diverted from landfills and redirected to charitable non-profit organizations. Our partnerships with nonprofits across the nation allow for the training of underprivileged individuals on job sites who would otherwise struggle to find work. Many graduates of these education-based programs are hired in well-paying construction positions that completely change their lives.

Green Donation Consultants not only provides the IRS-qualified appraisal and paperwork you need to claim the Fair Market Value of your donation, we build relationships with non-profit organizations so that we can recommend the best possible partner for your project. We’ve even had projects where the diverted materials went to over twenty charitable organizations – all from a single deconstruction! Call us today to schedule your free inspection, which will give you a Fair Market Value range and all the necessary information to decide if deconstruction is the right fit for you.