Home Deconstruction

Consider Deconstruction in lieu of Demolition. Deconstruction is the process of carefully dismantling a building to salvage its components for reuse and recycling. Whether you are gutting and remodeling your project or building a new house, you can count on Green Donation Consultants. Whereas traditional demolition is highly mechanized, capital-intensive, and waste-generating; deconstruction is labor intensive, low-tech, and environmentally sound. Deconstruction transforms a quick-and-dirty chore into an undertaking that supports community development with environmental, economic, and social benefits. We can help salvage and repurpose the used building materials from your project. If you choose to donate those materials, the donation may entitle the donor to a substantial tax deduction. Additionally, even the fees associated with the deconstruction may be tax deductible.

A “whole house deconstruction” or “full deconstruction” is the process of disassembling a structure in the reverse order it was built. By donating the used building materials to a participating non-profit organization, the donor is 1.) a good steward of the earth’s natural resources, 2.) providing direct financial support to worthy organizations that help the less fortunate in our neighborhoods and 3.) able to qualify for a tax deduction based upon the fair market value of the materials. We can not only appraise the donation but can also help identify a non-profit willing to accept the building materials.

A full deconstruction should be performed by either an experienced deconstruction firm or a qualified non-profit organization with a workforce development program working as a deconstruction crew. The home will be taken apart piece by piece down to the foundation. It is a labor intensive process creating jobs for those involved with the deconstruction. Realizing these projects can be time sensitive, an experienced deconstruction crew will work hand in hand with your contractor to stay within the construction timeline. Due to the deconstruction crew’s training, they will also be able to carefully extract the most amount of material. When working with a non-profit organization with a work force development program in place, the cost of the deconstruction may be tax deductible as well. We recommend you ask your tax professional.

Green Donation Consultants can assist in even the early part of the decision making process by providing you with the necessary information about each possible avenue. The first step in the process is to schedule a free inspection with GDC. We will inspect your property, taking photos and developing our field report. When our Credentialed Appraisers have all of the field notes and photos, we will provide you and/or your tax professional with a value range for the donation. These numbers are your starting point. While they are not hard firm numbers such as you will get with the actual appraisal, they are good working numbers. With that information in hand, you as the donor can look at the cost to deconstruct vs. the benefit and decide how you wish to proceed.

We are confident once you see the financial, societal and environmental benefits, you will naturally choose deconstruction in lieu of demolition. Everyone does.

The Benefits of Working with Green Donation Consultants:

  • Tax Saving Opportunities for You Because our expert appraisers are fully credentialed, Green Donation Consultants has the experience and education to determine the full fair market value of charitable donations for the maximum tax benefit. By taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by the deconstruction process and the tax savings it offers, deconstruction adds equity to the project and pulls every dollar of value out of your project.
  • Audit Expertise We’ve completed literally thousands of deconstruction appraisals since 2010 and have had very few audited by the IRS. Due to our expertise and experience in front of the IRS, we are the choice of many CPAs, financial consultants, and tax attorneys for research and expert testimony on used building material donations. Because of the sheer volume of support we provide in every charitable donation documentation packet, Green Donation Consultants’ valuations are “the last word” in fair market valuations of both used building material and personal property donations. We are quite literally the #1 name in charitable donation appraisals nationwide. Why roll the dice and play the Audit Lottery with a less qualified firm? Go with the industry leader with the proven track record, Green Donation Consultants!
  • Costs for Deconstruction vs. Demolition Because deconstruction is more labor intensive, the fees are typically higher than demolition.  The difference however, is more than offset by the substantial tax savings available only to deconstruction projects. If you are considering a materials-based donation, contact us to learn how you can take full advantage of this valuable deduction!
  • The Easiest Consulting Firm to Work with Nationwide Green Donation Consultants offers a full spectrum of services to assist our clients.  We can handle the complete deconstruction and donation from start to finish or only provide the documentation necessary to claim the tax benefits.  We will work in whatever form or fashion you require so that at the end of the day, you realize Green Donation Consultants was a major asset to your project both financially and environmentally.  Our services are available anywhere in the continental USA.  We are only a phone call or email away!
  • No-Cost, No-Obligation Estimates We offer free estimates to determine the full fair market value of a potential donation. Armed with that information, the owner can make an informed decision either to deconstruct or demolish the structure. Meaning he or she can decide to take advantage of the potential LEED points, tax savings, environmental and societal benefits or a decide to throw everything away in the local landfill and accept the accompanying un-reimbursable expenses. When all the facts and components are reviewed, we know the decision is easy.

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