It’s Time for General Contractors to Go Green

Traditional demolition processes include labor, haul-away, and the cost of disposal. What many general contractors may not realize is that the materials they’re dumping into landfills have financial value that can be leveraged to earn more valuable contracts with clients. By deconstructing and salvaging the building components for donation, general contractors can earn LEED points and offer their clients substantial tax savings that could be the make-or-break between closing or losing a deal. With more and more people seeking eco-friendly alternatives to messy demolition, working with Green Donation Consultants gives you an edge over your competition.

Our Project Engineers conduct free inspections so that we can provide you the best possible estimate on the Fair Market Value of the materials being deconstructed. We will also work with you to select a non-profit, some of which will do their own haul-away, allowing you to put forward the most cost-effective bid to your potential clients. Schedule your complimentary inspection today!