Meet Our Deconstruction Appraisers

Master Appraiser Patrick M. Smith

Patrick M. Smith, Sr, owner/chairman at Green Donation Consultants.Mr. Patrick M. Smith SR, ISA AM, MSA, MPPA, CAGA founded his appraisal firm in late 2004. In 2009, realizing there was a vastly underserved market for appraisers with the experience and credentials to appraise used building materials from deconstructed homes, Mr. Smith transitioned his company from a residential and commercial real estate appraisal firm to one solely focused upon non-cash charitable donations of used building materials from deconstructed homes. Highly credentialed and with his varied real estate appraisal background/education, Mr. Smith was easily able to grow his new firm, Green Donation Consultants (GDC) into one of the Premier non-cash charitable donation consulting firms in the nation today.

GDC with eight (8) credentialed, certified personal property appraisers now operates in 14 states. GDC is working diligently to expand that footprint to help more of our fellow Americans realize the economic, environmental and philanthropic benefits of deconstruction.

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. AnnMarie Smith, ISA AM, CAGA, is a Certified Personal Property Appraiser, Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers, and formerly a Certified Residential Appraiser. Having helped to develop the foundation for Green Donation Consultants in 2004, Ms. Smith also assisted in the transition from residential to personal property appraisals in 2010. Ms. Smith partners closely with the Chairman to chart Green Donation Consultant’s future growth and strategic response to an ever-increasing demand for personal property appraisals. Ms. Smith is passionate about Green Donation Consultant’s mission and impact with plans to continue GDC’s outstanding growth by expanding with an even larger nationwide consulting firm. Ms. Smith’s goal is to make GDC the premier nationwide leader in personal property donations for non-cash charitable contributions.

Chief Operating Officer

Mayurkumar Dankhara, ISA AM, LEED AP (Mayur) completed his Bachelor in Civil Engineering from India in 2007 and his Master of Science in Construction Management from Texas A & M University in 2010. In 2014, after working in the commercial construction business, Mr. Dankhara was excited about the chance to work in a related field that was also helping the community. As a LEED Accredited Professional, he agrees with the mission of identifying more ways to “go green” in the commercial and residential industry while achieving LEED points. Mr. Dankhara is also an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers. As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Dankhara has been a vital part of Green Donation Consultants exponential growth by providing good leadership in the mission of converting demolitions into deconstructions. Mr. Dankhara has more innovations in mind to keep growing this company and its mission far into the future.

VP of Production

Ms. Diane Scarbrough, previously a Certified Residential Appraiser, has over 12 years of experience as an appraiser. After previously working for Green Donation Consultants as a real estate appraiser, Ms. Scarbrough returned in 2013 to undergo extensive training to learn personal property appraisals. She has completed personal property appraisal courses from the International Society of Appraisers and is focusing on furthering her education within the field. With Ms. Scarbrough’s background, quick learning curve, and strong work ethic, she easily excelled in the field of personal property appraisals by ensuring the high quality of appraisals and customer service. Ms. Scarbrough thoroughly enjoys the appraisal work and developing strong client relationships, both of which she is excited to see grow nationwide.

Senior Review Appraiser

Ms. Faranek Wallace, ISA AM, enthusiastically joined Green Donation Consultants mission in 2014. Having a background as a pharmacist helping people, her transition to helping those in need and creating jobs was easy for her. Ms. Wallace is a highly intelligent individual delivering superior results since joining the company. Ms. Wallace maintains high levels of service and quality of valuation. Upon receipt of the appraisal reports, Ms. Wallace performs comprehensive appraisal reviews of commercial and residential appraisals for conformance with USPAP, ISA and applicable laws and regulations. Ms. Wallace thoroughly enjoys her work and looks forward to helping even more clients nationwide claim their donation for helping their community.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Ms. Elizabeth Smith, CAGA, ISA AM, is a Certified Personal Property Appraiser and Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers. Working as an Inspector since 2014, Ms. Smith has maintained a high standard of work in the field collecting site reports and documenting items given in donation to any one of several Non-Profit Organizations GDC works with. Early 2017, it was a natural transition for Ms. Smith into Sales and Marketing where she excels. Ms. Smith has laid the ground work for future Inspectors hired to replace her previous role, as well as Inspectors hired nationwide by training them. Ms. Smith is passionate about her work with Green Donation Consultants and plans to continue providing outstanding customer service as GDC continues to expand nationwide.

Senior Inspector

Mr. Michael Smith, ISA AM, CAGA, a Member of the International Society of Appraisers, obtained his Certified Personal Property Appraiser designation early on in his career with Green Donation Consultants in the fall of 2012. Mr. Smith joined GDC in 2011, only a year after the company began to transition from residential to personal property appraisals. Mr. Smith had a solid two and a half dedicated years working for GDC as an Inspector until 2014 when he was promoted to Senior Inspector and offered a position to have a profound impact in growing the Mid Atlantic Offices. Mr. Smith works with efficiency, pliability, and a smile on his face as he becomes the first face past, present, and future clients will see of Green Donation Consultants from the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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