The Value of Donating Your Personal Property

Most people have experience donating items, even if it’s just a few pieces of furniture going to a local thrift store. When preparing to make your next donation, call Green Donation Consultants first – we can ensure that you get all the financial benefits involved with personal property donations that exceed $5,000. Most of our personal property donors don’t realize the hidden value of the items they have by the time they’re ready to give them away, and it’s only through our free inspections conducted by experienced Project Engineers that they realize they’re entitled to so much more.

You’d be surprised just how easy it is to reach the $5,000 Fair Market Value minimum you need in order to claim the deduction for your donation. For those concerned about the price of storing antiques or who like to imagine their grandparents’ cherished furniture going to an appreciative family, donation is the right choice. Call to schedule your inspection today!

Appraisal Items