Save Money on Your Next Remodel or Renovation

Not every deconstruction project has to be a massive teardown of an existing structure. Renovation and remodeling projects are great candidates for deconstruction – you’d be surprised at just how much material can be reused and pledged to non-profit organizations for donation. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen and looking to donate the appliances or planning to gut an entire floor of your home, skip contributing to a landfill and choose to do something worthwhile with the items and home you once loved.

With deconstruction and donation, you’re entitled to claim the Fair Market Value of all the reusable materials as a tax deduction. We’ve talked time and time again to clients who have put off their renovation plans for years to factor in the daunting expense of demolition, and often people end up putting their projects on hold indefinitely because of the cost. By choosing to donate the materials, you’re ensuring that you’ll see a return on the investment you’re putting into your home immediately in the form of a hefty deduction.

We can give you a Fair Market Value range that will put it all in perspective for you, and we can do it for free. Call us today to schedule your no-obligation visit from our experienced Project Engineers!