How Will Deconstruction Save Me Money?


Why Do I Need Green Donation Consultants?

Any taxpayer who makes a non-cash charitable donation to a qualified non-profit is entitled to a tax deduction equal to the Fair Market Value of the items or materials donated. IRS guidelines state that “only a Qualified Appraiser can make a Qualified Appraisal for any donation over $5,000.” Green Donation Consultants specializes in IRS-qualified appraisals that will allow you to receive the fair market tax value for your deconstruction project.  We have completed thousands of appraisals since 2010. Our appraisers ensure ethical and legal IRS guidelines are consistently followed. CPAs and tax attorneys often use GDC appraisers as expert witnesses for their clients who unfortunately choose less qualified appraisal companies.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

These sample projects are estimates that illustrate exactly how much you can save when you choose deconstruction. Actual figures may vary.

These figures assume a 24% effective Federal Tax Rate and a 6% effective State Tax Rate for a total of 30% in Federal and State taxes paid yearly.

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