The Ultimate Guide to Donating Office Furniture

In the current economic climate, companies, schools, government agencies, and other entities may find themselves reorganizing or moving. And for some other organizations, regrettably, they will be shutting down their offices.  Whatever the reason for an office move, it’s important to maximize the value of the furniture, fixtures, and electronics in the office space prior shutting down, relocating, or renovating. By planning ahead for the deconstruction of your office you can create a winning strategy that allows you to do just that.

In order to donate your office furniture, you’ll need to know the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of donation. This guide answers those questions. It will help you create a plan to tackle the logistics while maximizing the value of your donation. In this part, we will answer some of the many questions you have. And each question here will be its own post in the coming weeks.

Why should you donate your office furniture instead of trashing it?

Wouldn’t it be easier to have your office furniture and fixtures hauled away and trashed? No muss, no fuss, right? While donation may be somewhat more time consuming than disposal, it offers a variety of benefits, both tangible and intangible. Whether you’re attracted to the emotional, environmental, philanthropic or financial benefits of the donation, you’re sure to find benefits that speak to your values and your needs.

Which organizations take your donated office furniture?

There are a variety of organizations that accept your donated furniture. These include national distribution centers, specialty building materials brokers, and community organizations at the local level that can facilitate the collection, reuse, resale, and recycling of donated items. In addition, the rise of the so-called “circular economy” means that many businesses can now participate in networks for the reuse and repurposing of office furniture.

What type of office furniture can you donate?

Donated items can include gently used chairs, desks, cubicle walls, filing cabinets, and credenzas. In addition, you can donate functional equipment like computers, copiers, printers along with office supplies and even building materials. A properly planned office deconstruction can maximize the value of your donation.

How do you arrange a pick up for donated office furniture?

Many of the charitable organizations, non-profits, and distribution outlets who remove and distribute office furniture will offer free pick-up services to ensure they receive your donation. In the event that this service is not available, you can arrange for an affordable moving service. You can then offset the cost through the financial upside of your donation.

Where does your furniture get used after you donate it?

A variety of non-profit organizations and small businesses that can’t afford new office furniture and equipment use your donated office furniture. Also, churches, schools, and other community organizations use them. Donations also benefit various organizations in your local neighborhood. National distributors can also pick your donations up and send them to other groups in need throughout the country.

Are there any tax benefits from your donated office furniture?

Definitely! Charitable donations make up a big part of many corporate tax strategies, and a hefty donation of office furnishings can provide a great return. It will be important for you to quantify the value of the donation and keep good records to back up your return.

How do you claim the tax benefits for your donation?

You’ll need to ensure that you are working with a qualified charitable distributor or directly with a qualified non-profit, like a church, school, or 501(c)(3) organization. You’ll need to inventory the donation and ensure that you are keeping thorough records throughout the process. Finally, you will need an IRS compliant appraisal. You may want to consult with your accountant or tax professional in order to ensure that you are doing everything they suggest.

Why should you use an appraiser when you donate office furniture?

An appraiser provides expert guidance on the value of your donation. It ensures that when you put a value to it on your tax form you can do so with confidence. In fact, you need an appraisal when your donation is at least $5,000.  A highly qualified appraisers’ valuation will ensure that you get all of the value from your donation.

An expert appraisal from Green Donation Consultants gives you the confidence and peace of mind that comes from working with the best in the business. We will also find you a willing non-profit, arrange delivery, and complete a detailed inventory. Contact us for a free, no-obligation valuation, and let’s get started!


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